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Good News! After 29 years in the Insurance Business, I have partnered up with AXA Art Insurance Company and Travelers Insurance Company. We can now negotiate favorable terms and conditions with very competitive pricing. I now have the facility to insure all types and size collections, Dealers, Museums and Non-profit galleries.

If you are involved in the art world, I can insure your exposures.

• Commercial Art
• Art and Antique Dealers
• Restore and Conservators
• Museums
• Private collectors
• Large or Small inventories.
• Domestic or International.
• Art Fair transportation, while at fair,
    shipped to collectors
• Art loaned to Museums or non- profits,
• Art being shipped or carried on board,
• Coverage for special events, Parties,
    Gala’s, Dinners.
• Non-profit organizations and more

There are special policies so broad that besides the standard theft or breakage coverage’s it actually includes mold and devaluation of the art pieces due to a loss.

The premiums begin around $2,500 for about $250,000 worth of protection.

Recent successes:  An Art dealer who brings works to various fairs and sells from her private gallery just purchased this policy

$300,000 premises limit
$300,000 unnamed location
$300,000 while in transit

We set the unnamed location limit and transit limit as matching limits to avoid any gaps in coverage.

Premium is $3100 with $1,000 deductible.

Grimanesa Amoros
Grimanesa Amoros
"Preciosas Burbujas" 2009, Mix Media Sculptures
RaphaelKazue Katase

"Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione" 1514 - 1515

Kazue Katase
"Sin título" 1995


The Genuine Article - “Total flexibility with market-
leading security - the ultimate high-net worth cover for art and antiques, collectables, buildings and content

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